CREATION & IMAGE Paris is known for its experience as a one-stop-shop provider the following services.



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Brand image consulting

As marketing consultants we bring our French fashion expertise from the heart of Paris to your projects for brand image definition or evolution.

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Uniforms collection design

According to your requirements and after a deep analyze of your DNA, our Bureau de Style (design office) will come back to you with inspirations and first drawings of your new uniform.
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Products development

Let’s make them happen. From a drawing to reality the development of a collection includes prototypes, patterns design and technical specifications for industrialization.
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Measurement campaigns and size attribution

To meet the perfect fit expected by your staff we will plan together a measurement campaign to be 100% sure they will receive the right size.

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Production tracking

We select best of bread manufacturers and suppliers for every item of the uniform collection we design and we ensure a quality control at every step of the production.
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Deployment and logistic

No matter if you require a worldwide deployment or a local one with stretch deadlines we are scalable and can provide a nominative delivery.

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Collection Launch

Thinking of a roadshow to introduce the new uniform or a Kick-off public event with a fashion parade ? We are ready to make this events memorable.

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Client Support

Partnerships matters thus you can rely on us during the whole lifecycle of our uniforms. Touching up? re-ordering? design evolutions? Let us know and enjoy our one-stop-shop services.

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