TEXTILE INNOVATION: Tencel, ideal fabric?

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14 October 2014
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27 November 2014



Made from eucalyptus pulp 100% ecological, the Tencel is an extremely soft fiber that protects us from bacteria and has an isotherm part.


Did you know that its level of humidity absorption is with 50% higher that the one of the cotton? Like a pure virgin wool, this fiber controls the temperature of the fabric on the skin.


The humidity absorption prevents the formation of bacterias on the contact with skin, as it is immediately rejected to the exterior. In this way, no humidity stays on the fabric that prevents proliferation of the bacteria.


The absorption rate makes Tencel the ideal fabric for washable layers. As we go long with the washing, the Tencel textile stay soft. Easy ironed and maintained, we can wash them at high temperature ans they still stay flexible ans soft.