Inheriting the couture savoir-faire of Balenciaga, Balmain and Carven, CREATION & IMAGE Paris designs and develops exclusive, comfortable, yet modern and elegant outfits to delight its French and international clients, and make them feel proud.

Let’s start with you and your objectives !

A new project is a blank sheet of paper. Deciphering our customers’ expectations is essential to enable us to meet their objectives with a tailor-made proposal..

The diversity and expertise of our specialized teams is at the service of your project.


Our singularity lies in the alliance between our dedicated team of Stylists, always on the lookout for the latest trends, and our Atelier, craftsmen steeped in French couture know-how, to design unique, elegant and modern outfits, exclusively for your brand.


Conscious of the stakes inherent to a new uniform project, our experts will develop outfits that affirm your identity in line with your Brand positioning and strategy.

Furthermore, we can assist you to ensure a successful launch of the new uniforms to your teams and your customers.



Bespoke uniform specialists since 1985, we understand the specificities of our clients’ businesses and the needs of their teams across the diverse sectors we serve.

With our expertise, we select the right fabrics, create the ideal fit and choose the most suitable manufacturers with a proven track-record for quality and timeliness..


Thanks to our constant monitoring of global trends, we are able to offer our clients newness in terms of fabrics, techniques, styles, variations… suitable for different professions and functions in order to optimize the well-being and comfort of your teams..



As a signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2012, we have adopted a socially and environmentally responsible approach. In addition to sourcing Oeko-Tex fabrics and collaborating with certified manufacturers, we favor an eco-design approach to facilitate the recycling of uniforms and limit their environmental footprint.