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As an international company located in Paris, France, we operate all over the world.

공공기관 | RATP

The image of Paris transport

With the emergence of new professions and the disappearance of others, the operator of Parisian transportation, RATP, must rethink its uniform every 15 to 20 years. Achieving the correct balance between visibility, comfort and brand image has been the main theme throughout the 6 years of product development.

Understanding the uses and conducting wear tests was essential for the design of the 52 pieces of the new collection.

Our stylists used a bronze green, a color associated with the typical metro entrances designed by Guimard with a subtle touch of jade green, also a historic color.

In spite of the technical nature of their jobs, the 18,000 employees of RATP are ambassadors of Paris and as such, a French elegance is needed in the design of their outfits. Thanks to fitted shapes and the return of a scarf, it was possible to add femininity to the women’s uniforms and answer a staff request.

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